Fixing VNC to load X Windows

For each user cd to /home/username/.vnc and edit xstartup as follows:



# Uncomment the following two lines for normal desktop:
exec /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc

[ -x /etc/vnc/xstartup ] && exec /etc/vnc/xstartup
[ -r $HOME/.Xresources ] && xrdb $HOME/.Xresources
xsetroot -solid grey
vncconfig -iconic &
xterm -geometry 80×24+10+10 -ls -title “$VNCDESKTOP Desktop” &
startx &

Fixing X11 for User in RedHat

RedHat ships with poor X11 support due to PAM compatibilities, see below:

If you see this error while trying to login as a user other then root:

PAM authentication failed, cannot start X server.

Do this:
vi /etc/pam.d/xserver
make the file look like this:
# auth sufficient /lib/security/
# auth required /lib/security/
auth required /lib/security/
account required /lib/security/


My Great Grandfather John Krone

Makes me proud to be a Krone:


Finding his heart
By Mark J. Armstrong
The Daily Times

Published September 20, 2006
John R. Krone served 23 years in the U.S. Navy working
his way up from the enlisted ranks to retire as a Lt.
Commander, served as a test pilot during War World II,
flew helicopters over the frozen Arctic Circle and
once had John Wayne as a passenger.

But, the thing of which the 86-year-old veteran is
most proud is getting two Purple Heart medals
posthumously awarded to his father 88 years after they
were earned.

“This is what the government sent me,” Krone said,
holding the certificates of award to his father, John
J. Krone.

“I’m really proud of them. I just wanted my
grandchildren to know what their great-grandfather
did,” he said.

The senior Krone was born in 1898, and on June 6,
1917, he sailed for France with the U.S. Army during
War World I. According to his military records, Krone
was wounded on Nov. 6, 1917, and again on March 28,

The records did not indicate the nature of the wounds
and Krone, the son, said he never asked his father.

“To look at him you’d never know he was wounded. He
never complained, but when ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’
played, he teared up every time,” Krone said. But, “as
a kid, I saw that massive scar where his left lung was
supposed to be.”

The Purple Heart, awarded in the name of the President
of the United States to those who have been wounded or
killed while serving with the U.S. military, did not
exist before 1932.

Based on the Badge of Military Merit issued to
soldiers during the Revolutionary War by Gen. George
Washington, the Purple Heart was introduced by order
of President Herbert Hoover at the bicentennial of
Washington’s birth.

The design and color was based on the badge issued by
Washington, but Gen. Douglas MacArthur added the
profile and wrote the criteria for issuing the medal
to those who were wounded or killed. MacArthur also
became the first recipient of the modern Purple Heart.

It has been awarded retroactively, by request, to
anyone wounded since April 5, 1917. However, Krone’s
father never requested the medal. Krone said it was
the controversy during the 2004 presidential election
that made him decided to seek it for his father.

Krone said he started eight months ago after gathering
his father’s military record by contacting the U.S.
Department of Defense. He received a letter back,
stating that due to the 1973 National Archives fire,
several War World I records were lost and his father’s
may be among them.

“They didn’t take any action,” Krone said.

That didn’t deter Krone, who next contacted U.S.
District 23 Rep. Henry Bonilla’s office. Krone said he
was told they would look into it, and he said when
they called him last week, he didn’t even think it was
about the medal.

Last Wednesday, Krone received the medal and
certificates from Bonilla’s office.

“I’m real proud of this. I’m going to send copies of
all of this to my kids,” he said.

Krone’s father was a crane operator with the 1st U.S.
Army Engineers during War World I. In 1942, despite
his previous injuries, he re-enlisted in the Army for
less than a year. Krone said his father, who died in
1964, could have had a ceremony to receive the medals.

“He’s not around to see it, but I wish I could get out
to California to put it on his grave,” Krone said.

Installing Compiles Apache 2.2 on FreeBSD

If you see this error:

[warn] (2)No such file or directory: Failed to enable the ‘httpready’ Accept Filter

You’ll Need to do the following on FreeBSD, you need to add a kernelmodule

kldload accf_http

grep accf /boot/defaults/loader.conf

accf_data_load=”NO” # Wait for data accept filter
accf_http_load=”NO” # Wait for full HTTP request accept filter

Modify /boot/loader.conf with ‘YES’ on both lines above


Quick and Dirty on FreeBSD Updating Ports

In FreeBSD you can update your ports distribution files with the following command:

servername@domainname# su

servername@domainname# pkg_add -r cvsup-without-gui

servername@domainname# rm –rf /usr/ports

servername@domainname# /usr/local/bin/cvsup -L 2 -h /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile


Beer Supply Sites

Only names with the links to the stores are sites I’ve visited. The list is orginally from but is completely out of date.


# Austin Home Brew – The best prices, simply most comprehensive website for making beer. Great deals on shipping and excellent selection.

# Beer, Beer & More Beer – Walnut Creek, CA. Free shipping with purchases over $35(carboys and bottles excluded), the most complete line of draft dispensing equipment, complete brewing systems and unique advanced equipment, secure online ordering.
# The Beer Essentials – Springfield, OR
# Beer Underground We carry a complete line of brewing supplies in our online catalog.
# Brewer’s Coop – – Yet another pathetic brewing website


# >Cellar Homebrew’s Home Page – Looks like a great site -AK
Seattle, WA
# Welcome to Country Wines – Simple -AK For 25 years Country Wines has provided home winemakers and brewers with the best in equipment, ingredients and personal service.

# Double Springs Homebrew Supply – We are a complete home beer and wine making supply store.
# Draftsman Brewing Company – Don’t Dodge the Draft! We are your front line homebrew supply headquarters. Mentor, Ohio USA
# East Coast Brewing Supply – large selection of malts, hops, grains and equipment for the homebrewing enthusiast.
# Four Corners Liquors & Homebrew Supply Shop – Secure online ordering from a complete catalog of equipment and supplies.
# Glisan Street Brewhaus (BOP)
# Hatfield’s & McCoys Home Brew Supplies
# Heartland Homebrew – A complete line of homebrew supplies and equipment including everything for the advanced brewer as well as the beginner. Most items ship within 24 hours! We have an award winning staff to serve you.
# Highlander Home Brew Supplies – The Rocky Mountain region’s most complete homebrew supply shop ships all over the world. Great Website too! Littleton, CO
# The Home Beer/Wine/Cheese Making Shop – Woodland Hills, CA
# The Home Brewery – homebrewing supplies
# The Homebrew Experience
# Homebrew Headquarters, Inc. – Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
# Homebrew Heaven Brewing Supplies – Everett, WA. The Pacific Northwest’s Favorite Brewshop.
# Homebrew Pro Shoppe
# Homebrew Shop – Quality Supplies for the Homebrewer and Winemaker
# HomeBrew Supply of Troutdale, Oregon
# Homebrewers Outpost – A brief introduction by the experts at Homebrewers Outpost. Also the complete Homebrewers Outpost catalog.
# Hops Direct – Puterbaugh Farms – We are a 5th generation hop farming family from WA state with an online ordering system…we grow 10 different hop varieties and have our farm fresh hops ready to cut when your order comes in. (Not to mention, we have great prices…so compare!) We have pellets and leaf and can ship anywhere in the world. Phone 509/837-3616. Thanks!
# HopTech’s Web Site – Mail order homebrew supplier.
# Hudson River Brew Supplies
# JC Homebrewing Co. – Quality supplies for homebrewing and winemaking enthusiasts. Reasonable prices. Quick deliveries.
# Karp’s Homebrew Shop – A full service retail and mail order homebrew shop. Homebrewing supplies, equipment, books, custom welding and information.
# Leener’s Brew Works – 9834 Valley View Road, Macedonia, OH 330-467-9870 Beermaking, winemaking, cheesemaking, sodamaking, vinegar making. Classes weekly.
# Liquid Assets Brewing Systems
# Lost River Brew Supplies – home brew online supply catalog
# The Market Basket – Brookfield, WI
# Maryland Homebrew
# The Menu – a network of homebrew suppliers all over Australia
# Mid-Atlantic Brewing Supplies
# Monticello Brewing Company – BOP and homebrew supply
# Moving Brews – supplier of food-grade pumps and related plumbing for the advanced homebrewer
# Niagara Tradition Homebrewing Supplies – Recipes, technical information, newsletters, troubleshooting tips, contest information & results, and a lot more. Put up by the largest homebrew supply shop in the Western New York area. By August 1998, this site will feature a searchable catalog with reams of technical information about every item carried–grains, hops, yeasts, etc. Will answer individual questions submitted via Feedback page.
# North Brewery Supplies – The Midwest’s leading catalog/mailorder supplier. This site has a really good prices, highly recommended, shipping seemed kind of steep though -AK
# Northern Brewer On-Line – The midwest’s most complete selection of homebrewing supplies now ships throughout the United States!
# Old West Homebrew Supply – Over 900 items available for online ordering with our interactive supply catalog. Live chat room in the saloon for folks with a Java enabled browser. Page best viewed with Netscape 2.01 or better. Phone 800-ILV-BREW with any questions.
# Online Hop Price Lists
# Pacific Brewing Home Brewed Beer Site – Pacific Brewing Pty Ltd is Australia’s most innovative home brewed beer concentrate supply company.
# Paragon Brewing, Inc. – Home of the Mashmate 1600 RIMS controller. RIMS construction plans. RIMS brewing tips and advice.
# Precision Brewing Systems – Custom manufactures 10 to 25 gallon SS brew kettles, 3 vessel brew systems and kits to convert kegs to brew kettles.
# Red White & Brew
# Rocky Mountain Brewing Supplies – Idaho Falls, ID They offer a catalog, mainly for the Western U.S., but they sell all over the U.S.
# Rocky Mountain Brewing Supplies
# Rocky Mountain Homebrew – Beer & Wine Making Supplies & Equipment
# SABCO INDUSTRIES, INC. – new & used kegs and a line of stainless kettles and advanced home-brew equipment.
# Santa Barbara Home Brew Supply – The best source for discounted brewing supplies, with monthly specials and on-line order entry.
# South Bay Homebrew Supply – Full service retail store plus mail order, supplying brewers around the world.
# Southwest Homebrew Supplies, Inc. – a mail order and pick-up by appointment homebrew shop carrying everything the homebrewer needs. Our overall prices are low in comparison to other homebrew shops in the USA. Orders can easily be taken through our on-line catalog.
# S.P.S. Beer Stuff – Brewing beer at home is easy and fun! Check out our online catalog homebrewing equipment and supplies today!
# St. Patrick’s of Texas Brewers Supply – Austin, TX
# F.H.Steinbart
# Sudsie’s Quality Malts, Wine Kits & Supplies – a family owned and operated business whose goal is to provide customers with quality products at near wholesale prices. Visit today!
# Sunset Suds, Inc. Online Catalog – Catalog retailers of premium beermaking supplies and equipment. Call 1-800-786-4184 for free catalog!
Things Beer – A review of “Things Beer”, with a link to their site.
# U Brew Seattle (BOP)
# Underground Digital Home Brewing Resources – We are retailers of home brewing equipment. We carry everything from complete beginners kits to individual ingredients for your own recipes.
# Victor’s Grape Arbor
# Vinexpert Homebrew and Winemaking
# VonKlopp BrewShop
# West Creek Home Brew – A well stocked 3000 square foot home brew store in the Southern Tier of New York State. This is an interim address on the net until we have our own domain (which should be around the first of the year).
# West Side Homebrew
# WindRiver Brewing Company – Homebrewing Supplies Menu. START-UP KITS All the specialized equipment the beginning homebrewer will need to start homebrewing. Including…
# WWW Virtual Library: Beer & Brewing: On-line Commercial Listings – Various commercial organizations publishing WWW pages to sell their wares and services. Homebrewing Supply Shops and BOP’s …

Easy fix when updating from MySQL 4.1 to 5.1

Why doesn’t just tell everyone to run mysql_fix_priviledge_tables after upgrading databases?

root@server /usr/local/bin]# mysql_fix_privilege_tables –password=####

This fixes errors like:

060929 12:55:13 [ERROR] (db) Expected field Select_priv at position 3 to have character set ‘utf8’ but found ‘latin1’
060929 12:55:13 [ERROR] (db) Expected field Insert_priv at position 4 to have character set ‘utf8’ but found ‘latin1’
060929 12:55:13 [ERROR] (db) Expected field Update_priv at position 5 to have character set ‘utf8’ but found ‘latin1’
060929 12:55:13 [ERROR] (db) Expected field Delete_priv at position 6 to have character set ‘utf8’ but found ‘latin1’
060929 12:55:13 [ERROR] (db) Expected field Create_priv at position 7 to have character set ‘utf8’ but found ‘latin1’
060929 12:55:13 [ERROR] (db) Expected field Drop_priv at position 8 to have character set ‘utf8’ but found ‘latin1’
060929 12:55:13 [ERROR] (db) Expected field Grant_priv at position 9 to have character set ‘utf8’ but found ‘latin1’
060929 12:55:13 [ERROR] (db) Expected field References_priv at position 10 to have character set ‘utf8’ but found ‘latin1’
060929 12:55:13 [ERROR] (db) Expected field Index_priv at position 11 to have character set ‘utf8’ but found ‘latin1’
060929 12:55:13 [ERROR] (db) Expected field Alter_priv at position 12 to have character set ‘utf8’ but found ‘latin1’