iPhone – just stupid

This is ridiculous, the new “iPhone” is supposed to be revolutionary, cutting edge, high tech, blah, blah, blah.

Any tech can tell you that the new iPhone offers nothing that isn’t already out there. The only “cuul” feature worth mentioning is that if you by an iPhone you might join some exclusive cool club like the iPod click. But wait a second, doesn’t most of the civilized planet have an iPod? Why? The iPod is an overpriced little brick.

Few Things I’ve noticed:
1). To his credit, Steve Jobs is a marketing genius but he hasn’t created anything close to truly revolutionary.
2). Apple stock should dive down to $70 by mid year if people have any sense at the lost profite Apple is seeing with iTunes
3). The new iPhone, although hype (because it’s a piece of garbage) just might sucker enough people and keep AAPL inflated, ugh.

So, why am I so adamantly against the new iPhone when I haven’t even touched one?

First, Widscreen iPhone
Uhh, there’s been a number of widscreen devices already created that do the same thing? Palm pioneered it with the Tungsten. Motorola and LG also have “functioning” devices that have been out for close to a year.

Second, Revolutionary iPhone
Nope, not really, not a chance, the iPhone doesn’t do anything a phone hasn’t already done. To be revolutionary it has to have something new, something really remarkable, does it?

Third, Breakthrough Internet Device
How is it a breakthrough? It accesses and organizes the internet, so what? Hundreds if not thousands of devices do this, and do it very well.

Fourth, High Technology
Now this is really a stretch. I think they just wanted to add a fourth point so the key marketing points were even. Why do we need to know this? Um, yes, it’s “high” technology, not “low” technology, thanks Apple.

Aaahh, I can see the Apple marketing machine revving it’s engines… “Screw the product, we’ll have Steve Jobs give a 2 hour presentation hyping a phone with 4 or 5 buttons. It has to work, everyone loves him…”

Good luck using the device if your attention isn’t completely on the iPhone. The device works off some sort of touch screen, there ARE NO BUTTONS, and just like their early iPod’s this DOES NOT work. Maybe they’ll get closer on their 4th and 5th generation models after everyone has already bought the cuul first generation.

Blackberry KNOWS this, that’s why they’ve redesigned the quirky keyboard.

Anyway, enough ripping on Apple, it’s so easy.


Modifying FreeBSD Shells

Simple stuff, and there’s a hundred ways to do this, but for sanity sake here’s a quick way to modify a user shell in FreeBSD. I’ve added this so whn I search “change user shell” I’ll get this post.


user@host> su

root@host> chpass usernameyouwanttochange

Example of Interactive chpass by Superuser

#Changing user database information for jru.
Login: jru
Password: *
Uid [#]: 1001
Gid [# or name]: 1001
Change [month day year]:
Expire [month day year]:
Home directory: /home/jru
Shell: /usr/local/bin/zsh
Full Name: J. Random User
Office Location:
Office Phone:
Home Phone:
Other information:

Awesome – Remote Desktop Multiple Users with XP

So I was perusing the Tom’s Hardware forum and stumbled upon this REALLY cool hack that I have to share. Typically with Windows XP Pro you can only have one user using a system at any given time either remotely or locally. To get around this Microsoft would have you believe that you NEED Windows Server 2003 AND the associated Terminal Server licenses.

Parden my French, but fuck that.

If you’re working with multiplte people that will need access to your system remotely AND/OR locally follow these steps (thanks again to http://forumz.tomshardware.com/)

Enabling Windows XP for multiple remote users:
1.) Enable fast switching in the Control Panel
2.) Remove Domain name from computer,
3.) Make a temporary user with full adminstrator access & password, (won’t work otherwise! *you can delete it after and make your own unique username/password*)
4.) start>run>gpedit.msc, Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Terminal Services and double click Limit number of connections ( set to something like 3 and presto! Remote and local access working concurrently!

Not sure if this works but it sounds promising.