The "Drobo FS" is Garbage

The Drobo FS is garbage.

Note: I updated the “Drobo FS” and the Drobo software to the latest version first.

Here’s why it’s junk.

1). The device DOES NOT allow you to update the WORKGROUP name or the DEVICE name. If you want to setup //DROBOGROUP/ANDYSDROBO you CANNOT do this. Despite the options being there in the software utility your changes after restarting the device are not saved to the device.

2). Proprietary and unfriendly software – To maintain file share names and settings the software requires Microsoft’s .NET service. You must also install the software on a PC in the same subnet (i.e. not remote administration). Good luck with a Linux Network!!!

3). The email notifications setup DOES NOT work!!!

4). Misleading – The simplicity of the device would suggest the software to manage it would also be simple (i.e https administration). Nope, you have to install the software on a local PC.

Finally, why did they call it the “FS”? I suppose for “File Sharing”, but that’s pretty obvious because it’s a NAS device with an Ethernet cable. Who was Marketing this thing?

Saturday Morning Run – May 8, 2010

Went on a grueling run this morning with the Tamalpa folks.

What a great way to start a Saturday!

I should back up a little. The run started harmless enough until I decided to run to Stinson Beach after running about 7 miles down through Muir Woods. This post is mainly to share photos. There’s more info about the run at

Here’s the elevation and distance profile. According to my Garmin 305 I had 8,525 of total vertical ascent. Ouch… Although, I think it was more like 6,500.

Here’s the route I took, Stinson Beach is on the left, Mill Valley is on the right. The highest peak is Mt. Tam’s East Peak .

Tamalpa Folk:

One of many bridges:

Creek near Muir Woods:

Coastal Fire Road sign near the top of Cardiac, also by the Ranger Station:

Tamalpa Folk Running down to Muir Woods visitor center:

North West View to Pt. Reyes from the top of Cardiac:

South View near Cardiac:

Sign before heading back up from Stinson:


Lucas Valley Mountain Climb April 24, 2010

What an incredible place I live.

Ran to the top of the “Big Cat” today. Just an awesome incline run, the start of the steep hill is at about 300 ft. elevation and the top is about 1,200 feet. It’s not quite a 1,000 foot climb but since my house is at 180 feet I think it’s fair to say it’s 1,000.

I’m looking to buy the Alterra soon, from what others have said only a barometric device can accurately give you your elevation. I’m also getting tired of charging my Garmin 305.

Super Cuul…

Here’s Honey Brown and I at the top of the ridge:

Also, here’s a few view from the top: