Moving Forward on Publishing my Guidebook

While at lunch I ran into two very friendly and talkative older ladies.

So, distressed properties came up and inevitably I told these nice ladies that I wrote a handbook called “How to Succesfully Short Sell Your Home”.  Of course, I have never published it.  I guess it’s because I would like to at least make $100 for the 30+ hours of work.

Out of nowhere the lady handed me $2!!

Well, since someone has acatually paid for the guidebook I finished formatting the book and submitted the book to Createspace (Amazon’s “build your own book service”).

I’m a little disjointed in how much I have to charge for a physical copy of a book.  To make a $1.19 profit I have to charge $5.36.  So, I think I’ll look at kindle/ebook sales as well.