Why iTunes is Terrible

Yes, iTunes and the iPhone are absolutely awful.  Here’s why:

1). Photos,videos and documents CANNOT be dragged and dropped from  PC to you Phone (although you can read, you cannot write files???).  You must install iTunes and use their tool to sync photos (added 6/5/13)

2). Constantly changing PC interface (added 6/5/13)

3). Clunky (187 MB) as of 6/5/13, Version  Takes forever to launch (added 6/5/13)

4). iTunes assumes it will manage all media and music in the best possible way.  You CANNOT listen to your music without installing iTunes and you cannot sync or make backups without installing iTunes (added 6/5/13)

5). Want to unistall iTunes on a PC?  You’ll have to go to the Control Panel.  Apple does not provide an “uninstall” link in the Start Menu. (added 6/5/13)